2014 Prophecies of Apostle Dr. Ogochukwu Tochukwu Amaukwu

Apostle Ogochukwu Tochukwu Amaukwu is the President/Founder of Excellent Christian Ministry International Inc.,and senior Pastor of Glory Flame Assembly. His Ministry is backed with accurately word of knowledge,prophecies,healing,creative miracles and unusual apostolic signs and wonders following. He is a preacher with deep fellowship with the HolyGhost. His ability to accurately predict events is evident in his 2014 prophecies which is now accurately coming to pass. The prophecies are:

I term 2014: A year of liftings,accomplishments and Evidence.

1. 2014 will be a year of Surprises and mysterious occurences

2. Mighty doors will open for genuine seekers of God.

3. There will be sudden promotion and elevation for those whose promition had been long over due.

4. Many wombs will be opened and many will deliver twins

5. Uncompleted projects will receive major boosts as hopes will arise to complete them

6. A stubborn Enemy will be disgraced and put to rest

7. Many new appointments and sacks in government parastatals and places

8. New appointees

9. New currency in the offing

10.The major enemy and sponsor of nigeria’s collapse will die

11.Some banks will go bankrupt and seek to re-merge

12. There will be a policy that will not favour the micro-finance banks

13. There shall be serious confusion and probing in the CBN

14. Attempts on president Goodluck’s life will begin and increase

15. Sporadic and triple bomb explosions

16. Fire and flood will be a major plague in places

17. Break down of law and order in Anambra,portharcourt

18. Abuja is still unsafe as attempt to bomb afew places will continue

19. More traditional rulers will die

20. Instant judgement of the wicked

21. Massive retrenchment

22. There shall be communual clashes and crises

23. Mighty deliverance for God’s seekers

24. Pray against insecurity as there will be continuous threats on our security especially Airports,police stations,Schools,Media houses and transportation(road)

25. Before the end of 2014,we’ll say,he that laughs last,laughs best.

26. There will be wild celebrations for many homes

27. Lost glories will be restored

28. There will be a heavenly sign again that will shock many

29. Major breakthroughs in Aviation sector

30. Public disgrace for public looters

31. MTN will have problems

32. Dangote,the higher you go,the more issues and troubles you get

33.Death of elders will continue and Nollywood actors/actresses until proper prayers are made

34. Crisis within the christian fold most churches/ministries within CAN and PFN will disagree on issues

35. More terrorist attacks in Nigeria

36. A major terrorist group will be halted finally

37. We must pray against massive death and blood shed

38. Nigeria’s flag hoisted half mast-death of an icon

40. More breakthroughs in Agriculture

41. Electricity will improve

42. The nigeria Economy shall improve

43. Confusion as there will be massive sack of electricity workers

44. Committed Christians shall be mightily rewarded

45. Mighty and instant answers to prayers

46. More road constructions

47. Many people shall be land owners

48. Many shall receive long awaited answers to their prayers.

49. Fire will rage in a particular ruler’s house and kill him

50. There shall be a serious distinction between the godly and the wicked because every deed shall be rewarded.

51. Agriculture,buying and selling will be favourable businesses this year

52. A fresh terrorist group nurtured to fight president Goodluck

53. Confusion will rock ASUU

54.Ritual killing and kidnapping will increase,many will be caught

55. Occultic ministries and preachers will be exposed

56. Those that practice supernatural acts by witchcraft and occultism to harm the innocent shall receive instant and devastating judgement(so if you’re involved repent now and accept jesus)

57. We should always pray for God’s favour,Mercy and grace to always be with us and follow us. Also always cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

58. For travellers always read Psalm 91 especially while boarding the plane

59. South Africa still needs prayers especially for Archbishop Desmond Tutu against death. Also we need to pray for God to raise another leader like Mandela there as a serious tension will arise in future that will rubbish the efforts and fight of mandela

60. Political pigs will be exposed and allowed to dance to the music

61. Our bridges still need proper monitoring and places that need to be repaired should be repaired as soon as possible

62. Flood will still rock lagos heavily and some cities like Ibadan,Ogun,Delta,Rivers

63. Serious rainfall and flood in 2014

64. Many prayers of sincere people will open heavens for them

65. We should pray seriously against plane crashes,road accidents and even collapse of building

66. Not all governors will end their term

67.2014 will arouse a serious political tension between PDP and APC

68. More confusion will rock within PDP

69. Kidnapping will rock Benin in unusual measures

70. We should be mindful now of Ore-Benin road as against robbery and accident

71. Oil will be discovered in a particular place

72. A notable person will collapse and give up

73. Some will encounter angelic visitation this period

74. More preaching generals will begin to leave the stage for fresh and young generals to emerge

75. More prayers for elderly people(one) against dying

76.We should pray for our political leaders,governors against sicknesses and sudden death.

77. I see Nigeria’s independent cake sliced into three. We must pray against impending war and violence that will threaten the existence of our lovely country

78. Some churches/ministries will fold-up as atrocities will be exposed and stopped.

79. In sports Super Eagles will give a good account of themselves in world-cup

80. A country that is least expected shall win the world-cup

81. I see a new leader for Nigeria(conditional)

82. 2014 make sure you are very conscious of God’s presence. Live a holy life and a life of praise, be a real student of the word.

There is room for improvement. If you want to see God’s hand in what you do,seek God more. Seek His presence and seek His Word all through 2014


83. Attempt to foster peace will fail as war will continue and political disagreement continue

84. Death threats on USA president

85. China,Japan,certain places in Europe will experience climatic and natural disasters.

86. There will be a major scientific breakthrough

87. Climatic changes worldwide

88. Most policies will backfire as insincerity and corruption will pitch the poor against the mighty. May God help his children


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